PC Support

Server & Network Installation

Getting the right kit installed is crucial to the future maintenance of your network. Site surveys & consultation for office moves. We can supply and install Desktops to Rack Mounted servers and software licencing, cabinets and data connectivity. Find out more
IT Support

IT Support & Monitoring

IT underpins most businesses and as such it requires regular maintenance and support. Left untouched like any area of business, it can quickly fall behind. We carry out remote assistance, security patching and updates on your behalf. Find out more
Hardware Supply

Cloud, Hosting & Virtualization

You've all heard the word CLOUD being used an awful lot in recent times. We focus on delivering Hybrid solutions for your network utilising the speed and efficiency on your local network with the remote and synchronisation capabilities that the cloud offers. Find out more
Anti Spyware

IT Security

There are plenty of nasty people out there looking to harvest information or just simply cause disruption to systems worldwide - it's an ongoing battle. We believe our recommended centralised and managed Antivirus solutions keep 99% of these attacks away from your systems. Find out more
Remote Management

DataShell Online Backup & Disaster Recovery

We provide a remote management solution where clients have seen of 90% of their general day to day issues fixed over the phone. Part of our network support package means that we can remotely connect to your network servers and PC's wherever they are in the world. Find out more
Network Cabling

Connectivity & Infrastructure

Our cabling team is not only professional; they're excellent at what they do. These guys can put cable where you wouldn't think possible. If you need a thousand network points over five floors with power and cabinets or just a few points installing for a small office, we can provide. Find out more